2018 Laura E. Carter 5K Walk/ Run Recap

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Caregiving is something that affects all families.

Did you know that there are…

  • 44,000,000 family caregivers in the US
  • Over 500,000 caregivers in Tennessee

Based on statistics caregivers face isolation, high stress, depression and fatigue. Family Caregivers many times experience poor mental, physical and emotional health, and sometimes a shorter life expectancy than the care recipient.

As Baby Boomers age, people live longer, and chronic illnesses are on the rise, many find themselves in caregiving situations.

Did you know that 6 out of 10 caregivers are unemployed?

Sometimes, to provide care for their loved ones, some caregivers are forced to quit their job or retire early. Having respite is very important to family caregivers. Unfortunately, many don’t have access to it.

Our second annual Laura E. Carter 5k Run/Walk was held on Saturday, November 10, 2018 at Memphis’ Overton Park Pavilion.

Mission of this walk: To increase the awareness of family caregiving, while creating opportunities for respite through action.

This walk was named after a care recipient (Laura Eva Carter) because her caregiver understood the value of having access to respite, of which many families don’t have. One goal for the walk is to create Respite grants, so that caregivers who don’t have access to respite can get a break.

This year there were 85 participants in the walk and we successfully raised  funds that will go towards mini grants for family caregivers that usually fall through the gaps for receiving much needed respite throughout the year.

View the links below for more photos from this year’s race and details about the winners.

2018 Race Awards

2018 Race Pictures

Janice Williams

Janice Williams is an RN and Founder of the Caregiver's Respite

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