4 ways to prepare yourself for your home health nurse visit -By Janice Williams.

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Thousands of people are discharged daily from hospitals and part of their follow up care maybe with a home health nurse. Follow up care is very important to the recovery process. In order for you to heal completely you must adhere to the doctors instructions not only in the hospital but at home as you recuperate, that is why a visit from you home health nurse is so valuable to your care.

Here are 4 ways to maximize your visit with your home health nurse.

  1. Gather all discharge papers, medications etc.

Even though the home health nurse has been consulted to see you, she/he will not know everything about you or your hospital stay. This will help the nurse by building a history about you. Normally their first visit with you is the evaluate you and develop a care plan.

Care plan- a plan for the medical care of a particular patient.

  1. Communicate

Especially on the first visit communication is so important! As you begin to talk and disclose information about yourself the nurse will be listening to you not only verbally but non verbally. They will be watching and listening at the same time which is part of your assessment. They will be looking and asking you questions to assess your understanding of your follow up care and regimen.


  1. Allow Collaboration

As your home health nurse visits you they may have to call on your doctor or other professional people as you recover if you are seen by any doctor or professional service. Know that it is part of the nurses job to reach out to them if she has a concern. So in the beginning make sure that you have names and numbers available for the nurse to facilitate any collaboration needed.


  1. Know that you have an advocate

Did you know that your nurse would be your advocate? Your nurse is part of your team and team members work together to achieve a common goal. Know that the things your nurse would be recommending are things that will help you get better and also let you know things that will keep you from getting better. They become your supporter, your backer and your health promoter. Not only will they fight for you but they will also teach you how to fight for your health

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