Pill Boxes are not all the same – By Janice Williams

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Pill boxes are not all the same. There are literally hundreds of them on the market.

Does the perfect pill box exist?

* When choosing a perfect pill box organizer, consider how many pills you take a day and their size.

* The size and the shape of your box is also very important. While a pill by itself may not take up much space when there are many pills together it can get pretty crowed. So you want to look for a pill compartment that has plenty of room so you will stay organized and you won’t have to put groups of pills in different containers so they won’t be missed.

* Consider the times of day that you take your medicine. Some pill containers have two or more compartments, for example AM/PM or NOON/EVENING. So look for a pill box that allows you to keep up with the frequency of your medication.

* If you have problems with gripping or coordination with your hands, a small pill box container may not be the best choice for you. Consider a larger box that you can grip and open the tops with ease.

* Some may like see through top containers for easy maintenance while others care more about the color to help keep them organized. If your vision is low consider one with an alarm or one that talks and reminds you to take your medication.

Don’t be afraid to change pill boxes as your needs change. Experiment with more than one until you find the one that meets and maximizes your medication regime.0033-3

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