Caregiver Education

Caregiver’s Respite has many events and services that support the well-being and education of care-givers throughout the mid-south. Take a look at our current offerings below.

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Caregiver Class

Want to learn how to be a more efficient care-giver? Join Caregiver’s 101! Our care-giving classes are designed to introduce you to living a healthier, easier, and better care-giving lifestyle. You’ll walk away with many new resources, tools, and information to help you take better care of your loved ones and yourself!

Who should attend this class?


  • Who is new to care giving
  • Has an aging parent and anticipates the transition into a caregiver role
  • Feels like they are not ready to care-give but has to do it

Stay tuned as classes are coming soon!

The Caregiver’s Rest Conference

The Caregiver’s rest conference is an event designed to give caregivers useful information on being a care-taker and rest from the stress of care-giving.

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3 Reasons to Attend a Caregiver’s Rest Conference

1. If you take care of an ill person, disabled loved one, or a person who requires a high level of care,

2. If you anticipate becoming a caregiver in the near future,

3. If you’re a healthcare professional that wants to advocate the care of your patient,

Then, the Caregiver’s Rest Conference is for you!

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Caregiver of the Year Award

The Caregiver of the Year Award is a unique event designed to recognizes the selfless act, effort, & commitment of caregivers toward their loved ones. It’s a time to honor those that sacrifice their own resources, comfort, and sometimes livelihoods for the good of others.


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