Elder & Mrs. Donnell Word, Jr. (Edna)

Hi Ms. Williams,

My husband and I just want to let you know that you are a one-of-a-kind type person to us.  We have been caring for his mother in our home for about a year now and we have been tested to the ninth degree.

You and your helpers made us feel like a king and a queen for the day!!  We have told so many people about our experience.  The information, fellowship, food, gifts, entertainment, fun and personal services ( which were ALL FREE) were just fantastic and were just what we needed.  The food was really off the chain!!!  We really felt loosed  when we left that place.

May God continue to BLESS you real good is our prayer!!!!  Keep up the good work!!


Elder & Mrs. Donnell Word, Jr. (Edna)

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