Kim Hill


The Caregiver’s Rest Conference was an awesome experience! It was so much more than I envisioned and actually provided some much needed respite and therapy. The Conference Facilitator, Janice Williams, and the Health Care Panelists were Phenomenal and covered EVERY aspect of care giving! I not only received a wealth of information about caring for my loved one, but I received some vital information regarding self-care for the caregiver. This Conference started a ‘healing process’ within me and ignited a spirit of rest and relief! As a result, I have learned to stop putting the needs of others before my own needs.

Some of the most important Caregiver Tips I learned at the Conference were:

  • Develop a ‘team’ to help the caregiver
  • Utilize ALL resources available to you – the caregiver
  • Avoid Caregiver Burnout through Supplemental Care and Resources
  • When you make yourself available to care for others, God will give you the strength you need to accomplish everything you NEED to!

I also learned that you are NOT a great caregiver UNLESS you take care of yourself! Mrs. Williams took care of that too, by providing all the caregivers with mini-massages, brow waxing, Blood Pressure Checks, B-12 Shots, Live Music Entertainment, a wonderful lunch and so much more!!!

To sum it up, the Caregiver’s Rest Conference was PRICELESS!!!!

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