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The Caregiver’s Rest Conference is an event designed to give caregivers useful information and rest from the stress of care-giving.

3 Reasons to Attend a Caregiver’s Rest Conference

1. If you take care of an ill person, disabled loved one, or a person who requires a high level of care,

2. If you anticipate becoming a caregiver in the near future,

3. If you’re a healthcare professional that wants to advocate the care of your patient,

Then, the Caregiver’s Rest Conference is for you!

There are two main components of this conference: information and care. Lunch will be served

See some of our photos from The Caregiver’s Rest Conferences of 2011 and 2013

About the 2017 Caregiver’s Rest Conference

If you would like to be a blessing to caregivers across the nation, please consider making a tax deductible donation below.