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Chad A. Cardwell, LL.M.

What’s the difference between a Financial Advisor and an Estate Planner?

Just as you have a team of experts in various fields when it comes to your physical health, you also should have a team of experts to assist you in maintaining your financial health. In this segment, we identify two members of your financial health team, and explore how they interact to meet your goals and objectives.


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Guest Blogger

Chad A. Cardwell

  Chad A. Cardwell, LL.M. is an Estate Planning Lawyer based in Memphis, TN. Chad believes in helping clients through processes that can be challenging by giving each matter personal attention, providing sound legal information and having open communication with every client. He has dedicated his career to practicing exclusively in the area of estate planning since 2008. Chad was admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of Tennessee in 2007 and the United States Tax Court in 2008, and holds the distinction of being an Accredited Estate Planner® designee by the National Association of Estate Planners and Councils.

Chad practices as a part of the firm Peppel, Grice and Palazzolo, P.C. 


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