2016 Conference

Caregiver’s Rest Conference 2016

Last years conference was wonderful. Thanks to all came out ! The focus of our conference was “Mental Health and fun, fun , FUN”. Various mental health agencies came out to support and educate caregivers about mental health. So many misconceptions about mental health were clarified. The conference gave caregivers understanding about how to take care of themselves mentally. Our keynote speaker Psychiatrist Dr. Valerie Augustus revealed how important it is for caregivers to take care of their minds as well as their bodies.
Thank you to Congressman Steve Cohen for welcoming our caregivers.
Dr. Granger an awesome doctor of chiropractic showed us how to stay young!
Mr. Randy Kostiuk gave us a caregiver workout!
Special thanks to Lawanda Allen and her crew for showing us how to de-stress by making our own stress balls.
Carla Tolbert Taylor literally ministered to us in song.
Thank you Dr. Mona Wicks who ended our session with a teaching on TALK BRAIN HEALTH which is a tool kit from the Alzheimer’s Association to help us get the conversation started with our family, loved ones and healthcare professionals about noticing cognitive changes. #talkbrainhealth