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“Health literacy refers to how a person can get health information and services that they need and how well they can understand them. It is also about using them to make good health decisions.” (

In my opinion, every caregiver needs to continue to develop their health literacy skills. Healthcare is constantly changing. You must be well informed on everything. Normally, when you refer to skills, you think of playing a sport or a competitive game, but you need to develop your skills in communicating with your healthcare professional. Over the last ten years, the number one barrier I have observed is that people may not know what questions to ask. They normally depend on their healthcare professional to give them all the information that is needed. These days you have to be your own “navigator” in the healthcare system and this is the skill you should develop.

The Preparing to Care Workshop is a very timely meeting which provides the knowledge caregivers need to help them navigate the healthcare system.


Janice Williams

Janice Williams is an RN and Founder of the Caregiver's Respite

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