5 Benefits of Reflexology by Janice Williams

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I got a chance to speak to Lawanda Allen (LMTMMP) today. Ms. Allen is a licensed massage
therapist with 14 years of experience. She is licensed in Tennessee and Mississippi. She is
currently a clinical coordinator and instructor for a massage therapy program. Along with
massage therapy, Ms. Allen also does reflexology. Reflexology is an eastern mythology for
balancing homeostasis. The massage technique can be used on either your hands or feet,
targeting pressure points. Ms. Allen says the technique can reveal many medical conditions.
The art of reflexology can help chronic respiratory conditions, stress, digestive problems, pain,
and other medical conditions. Below are five benefits that Ms. Allen says you may consider to
see if reflexology is right for you:
1.Helps to reduce foot pain
2.Helps the endocrine system by balancing your hormones through your body.
3.Helps with your walking position by assisting with your foot alignment.
4.Helps with circulation by assisting the blood to flow to other parts of the body.
5.Reduces sensitivity. Helps reduce numbness and some abnormal sensations.
If you are interested in learning more about reflexology visit  www.allensmedicalmassage.com

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